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Cassie Tarr

New Orleans Based Artist

As a child, Cassie Tarr moved dozens of times with her family all across the country; that wanderlust followed her into adulthood, and after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2004 from The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, she traveled and eventually settled in New Orleans in 2009.

Her work has always been a reflection of those experiences growing up and what she likes: memorabilia, vintage fashion, pop culture, patterns, kitsch, animals, the bizarre, and the transformation process of turning everyday discarded items into beautiful art. As a music lover and vinyl record collector, it was a natural connection to start working with Vinyl Records and other analog media. after 10+ years she has a full body of work featuring almost entirely recycled materials. 

She currently works full time as an artist here in New Orleans.

You can find her selling her artwork at Jackson Square here in beautiful NOLA.

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